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Karmic Blessings

We don’t mind admitting that it has taken us more years than we care to mention to put our energy out there and make Karmic Compass a reality.

Working within the golden rule of Karma, what you give out returns threefold.

The timing is now ideal to take our passion and transform it into a Shooting Star!

So Mote It Be
Annette & Karen Maree

A huge Karmic thank-you to those who have assisted us on our Mystical Karmic Compass journey

  • Daniel our web designer for all his patience and expertise.
  • Cassie for her support, assistance and encouragement in setting up our Facebook page, along with lots of great ideas.
  • Murray, Emily and Bronte for all their ideas, supportive input and encouragement. Also for putting up with our sometimes crazy self-absorbed determination to fulfil this mind consuming obsession.
  • Emily for her patience and expertise during our Photo Shoots.
  • To Karen’s gypsy sisters – Jennifer, Gayle and Lynette for their incredible support and many in-depth metaphysical discussions.
  • Kerry for assisting us with our Gift Vouchers.
  • With deep gratitude we acknowledge the gift of our amazing Planet Earth, the Stars, Moon, Infinite Universe, Spirit and Mother Nature for powerful forces and inspiration that unlock the keys which continually guide us.
  • To the many other kind souls too numerous to mention, who have taught us valuable lessons on our life journey – crossing our paths either for a short while or a long stay; and to those who gave positive encouragement and support along with some informative feedback, we sincerely Thank You!
Karmic Compass Thank You

Words from Annette

A very big THANK YOU to my good friend and sister-in-craft Karen Maree for her friendship and teamwork. Karmic Compass would have been no more than a sparkle of a dream without her enthusiasm and energy.

Words from Karen Maree

This amazing Karmic Compass journey could not have been possible without the relentless support and inspiring ambition from my special friend and kindred-sister, Annette.  An enchanted THANK YOU to a mystical lady – follow those cosmic diamonds.

Karmic Compass Points the Way