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Karen Maree ~ Holistic Counsellor

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Karen Maree Profile | Karmic Compass

Are you ready to unlock the keys to karmic issues and reconnect with your inner happiness?

It’s long been a dream of mine to work in this field to increase the holistic health and spiritual growth of others.  I believe that life should be filled with enchantment and magical wonder.

My passion for healing and spiritual awareness was within me from an early age.  Throughout my life, I’ve explored many metaphysical subjects and had amazing teachers who have shared their wisdom and knowledge.   These experiences have further developed my skills along with heightening my passion to enhance the lives of others.

Holistic Counselling offers you unique ways to embrace Mind, Body and Spirit, to deal with life’s challenges, bringing more joy to your life.  These techniques combined with my Complimentary Natural Therapies, provides you with tools needed to develop a deeper understanding and re-ignite your inner knowing.  If you wish to feel empowered to approach life’s challenges with more enthusiasm and energy, please contact me.

Love and Blessings – Karen Maree

Located in Pakenham

Holistic Counselling

Karen Maree | Holistic Counseling

So what is Holistic Counselling?  Holistic Counselling is based on the philosophies of the famous Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung.   ‘Jungian Therapy’ treats the whole person, not just one aspect.  Clients are encouraged to creatively explore their issues and they are taught strategies to assist in their healing.

Within Holistic Counselling we work through problems using gentle but powerful processes.  Some of these include; Journaling, Goal Setting, Inner Child Work, Sand Stories and Time Management.


Karen Maree | Reiki

Reiki is a healing modality that originated in Japan by Mikao Usui in 1920.  Reiki utilizes the ‘Life Force Energy’ that flows through all living beings.  When our life force energy is drained and low, we become tired and sick. Reiki releases this energy allowing it to flow in perfect harmony through the body and boosts our body’s natural healing process.  Reiki offers stress reduction and promotes health, happiness and vitality.

Crystal Healings

Karen Maree | Crystal Healing

Crystals have unique qualities that gently resonate with our natural energy flow.   Each variety of crystal, regardless of colour, shape or size, holds the keys to restore balance and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. They work holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being while delivering amazing results. Crystals are used in a variety of healing processes such as during Reiki, Chakra healings or carried in Charm bags.

Crystal Light & Chakra Balancing

Karen Maree | Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the energy centres with which energy flows through the body.   There are seven main Chakras and when these are functioning at their peak we radiate health, have bountiful energy and more enthusiasm towards everyday life.   At times the chakras can become under active or even over active, which can manifest itself as physical or emotional pain and illness. Chakra Balancing restores the natural rhythm and flow of this vital life energy by utilizing techniques such as Reiki, colour, sounds and crystals.


Karen Maree | Readings

Tarot, Oracle, Chakra and Palmistry Readings.

There are times during our life where we need extra support dealing with our issues and setbacks. Readings can clarify these issues, shining the light on our understanding.

Sometimes combining two styles together gives a comprehensive reading with more insightful messages for you to analyse.

Bach Flowers

Karen Maree | Bach Flowers

Bach Flower Therapy is a wonderful healing modality consisting of 38 remedies. These remedies gently balance the emotional demands of everyday life.   I offer Bach Flower Therapy to further support your journey to fulfilment and happiness.

Vibrational Herbalism

Karen Maree | Vibrational Herbalism

Our ancestors have long understood the therapeutic and magickal powers of herbs.  Subtly introducing herbs into your everyday life adds that special touch of enchantment that we all dream of.  Ask me how to bring this mystical element to your life.

Meditation Groups

Karen Maree | Meditation Groups

Practicing meditation assists in reducing stress, promotes relaxation and increases awareness of self.

I offer meditation groups with emphasis on developing and learning new skills.  Some techniques used are; Mindfulness, breathe work, guided meditations and visualization, all which encourage relaxation and enhance spiritual growth. This group is suitable for beginners to intermediate.

Self-Development Groups

Karen Maree | Self Development

These sessions are for people who are interested in developing their spiritual awareness and learn about metaphysical aspects of life.  Some of the topics covered; Herbs, Chakras, Crystals, Psychometry and Readings.  Topics are tailored around the interests of the individuals in the group.

Palmistry Course

Karen Maree | Palmistry

I always had a fascination for palm reading and started my exploration when I was 15 years old. Five years ago, after many years of study and practice, I wrote a Palmistry beginners manual and have taught this skill to many people. This is a very basic and easy to understand course for the beginner Chirologist as it offers the training and practice you need to get started reading palms.


Karen Maree | Qualifications

Diploma Holistic Counselling

Diploma of Herbalism

Diploma of Colour Therapyiict-logo

Crystal Light Balancing Practitioner – Certificate

Mindfulness Meditation: Fundamentals and Mindfulness Curriculum Training

Reiki Level 1 & 2

IICT Association Recognition: Tarot and Palmistry

Certificate of Bach Flowers

Certificate 4: Small Business Management

Certificate in Working with Children (Counselling)

Certificates and Experience:  Working with children with ASD and Additional Needs.

Member of International Institute of Complementary Therapists.