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Annette ~ Intuitive Therapist

Hervey Bay, Qld

0408 703 327

Annette Profile | Karmic Compass

“Do what you love” I heard them whisper, so here I am presenting my Craft to you!

As early as I can recall the mysteries of the unknown have held my passion and I have pursued them relentlessly; along the way gaining significant insight into myself and various modalities.

My services include Psychic Reading, Reiki or Chakra Balancing,  Combo 1 hour Reiki followed by 1 hour Reading, House Cleansing, Psychic Parties, and I am also available if your pooch would like a Canine Reiki.  It’s strictly by appointment only so call Annette  0408 703 327  to book your session. And when the time comes that you require a friendly Marriage Celebrant for your special event I am here to assist, just click celebrant4u.com.au

The services I offer are channeled from Psychic Intuition full of love and light – that secret knowledge which originated from connecting with my Guides, along with the many years spent practicing the bewitched Magick that’s hidden within the Esoteric Realm.

I look forward to the day our paths cross, hopefully in the not too distant future, till then…

May Love and Peace Surround You  ~  Annette

Psychic Readings

Annette | Readings

Through the ancient art of Tarot Reading the hidden keys to destiny are often revealed.

I have heard some say they would be too scared to have a Reading.  In my heart of hearts, I know that when a Reading is conducted correctly, there is absolutely nothing to be scared of. So if you have some unanswered questions, need clarity on an issue, or have just been wondering what it’s like, take that leap and book a Reading with me.

My many years of experience receiving messages from Guides and the Higher Realm through the use of Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards, assists me in conducting all my Readings from a very positive light-filled atmosphere, and relayed with loving energy and kindness – there is nothing dark here!

House Cleansing

Annette | House Cleansing

Are you planning on moving house soon?

Or are you finding that the home you live in now seems to have an uneasy vibe about it &/or lots of things just seem to be happening for no apparent reason. Just as you would not move into a messy house without first cleaning it, so too, you should not have to live in a house that has energy left behind from previous occupants – book a House Cleansing now.

Maybe you or someone you live with can feel an uninvited Ghostly presence in your home.  If it’s not bothering anyone then that’s ok – BUT – if that’s not the case, then it’s certainly a good idea to have the House Cleansed so you can be free of it, and I’m here to help.


Karen Maree | Reiki

Originated in Japan by Mikao Usui in 1920, Reiki is an extremely powerful healing modality whereby a rich flow of Life Force Energy is gently channelled throughout your body, and activates in areas where it’s most needed.  Reiki is renowned for its ability to revitalise and regenerate the Mind, Body and Spirit.

The powers of Reiki work in mysterious ways, and at times you may feel different sensations as your body responds to the energy intensity.

If you have been unwell or are in need of a bit of extra TLC, then book a session with me and give it a try.  Once your life has been enhanced with Reiki you will wonder why you didn’t embrace it sooner.

Chakra Balancing

Annette | Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing clears and re-aligns the Chakra Energy Centres within your body, assisting in maintaining inner Harmony and Balance, making you feel more alive and in-tune with life.

Our Energy Centres can become under or over active which knocks them out of alignment, and when this happens you may experience one or more of the following symptoms: feeling out of sorts – as though something’s just isn’t right but you don’t quite understand what;  feeling as if you are carrying the World on your shoulders;  being over emotional and sensitive;  too focused on one issue in your life;  just really tired or can’t be bothered; finding you are lacking clarity.

Any of these conditions can arise due to everyday living and our very busy lifestyles.  So allow me to Balance your Chakras and get you back on track!

Canine Reiki

Annette | Canine Intuitive

Our pets are amongst the greatest gifts given to us in this lifetime, some even say that they are Angels sent to accompany us on our journey.  It’s a well-known fact that owning a pet can increase your quality of life by giving you a more optimistic outlook.

Reiki and your Dog: As a Dog owner, your trusted companion depends upon you to look after them the best you can.  But because they don’t communicate with words, it’s not always easy to pick up the sometimes subtle signals they may project.  That’s where I come in. If your much loved Pooch seems out of sorts, not their usual self;  is recovering from recent illness or a traumatic event, then allow me to spend some time with them, while I regenerate their energy field. Just like humans most dogs love receiving Reiki and find it extremely beneficial.

Dream Analysis

Annette | Dream Analysis

Within the mysteries of the darkness of the night you drift into a restful slumber, but before you get to enjoy it, along comes a Dream that just won’t leave you alone!  It seems ‘so very real’ but try as you may, you just can’t make any sense of it.

Perhaps it was a once off, or does it keep recurring – revisiting your subconscious night after night, always the same, but never leaving much clue as to what or why???

Does your dream leave you feeling excited and happy, or is it a Nightmare that leaves vulnerability or fear in its aftermath.

If you would like some clear insight into the important messages your subconscious is sending you, then contact me for a Dream Analysis.